Tag-based Email Marketing Software

What does tag-based mean and what are the advantages for me?

Conventional email marketing tools send emails to manually defined lists of people, a separate list needs to be prepared for each of the campaigns. This works well while you still have a very limited number of customers. What would you do if your customer base grows every day and you need to maintain the same contact in several email lists? Soon you will lose the overview and you will not know for certain the campaigns which reached your customers.

We offer a revolutionary solution, allowing you to forget about the endless distribution lists, but to easily define your target group. CleverCampaign assigns tags to your customers. Each tag corresponds to one of your customer’s characteristics or interests, eg. "Apple Product User" or "Customer that bought wine". The tags can be assigned in two ways:

  • Manually - while adding the customer to your database by defining its characteristics

  • Automatically - when the customer purchases a product from your website. Certain tags, like "Apple Product user" are automatically detected by CleverCampaign and assigned to the contact.

CleverCampaign will add a tag to the customer, indicating its areas of interests. The campaign newsletters are distributed, based on the assigned tags. In this way you only need to select the tag, which best fits your campaign and the distribution list will be prepared automatically.

By combining tags and autoresponders you can reach exactly the target audience you want. For example you can send offers to all contacts containing the tag "Apple Product user" with a higher price than the rest of your contact. According to market studies people that own an Apple product like an iPhone, iPad etc. are able and willing to spend more money than others. Having this segmentation provided by CleverCampaign you will be able to increase your revenue without any effort!