Automated Email Platform

CleverCampaign's automated email platform gives the opportunity of wider reach in lesser time. Once the process is created, our email software takes care of the rest. Communication becomes a fully automated process and your chances of reaching and capturing the attention your target are increased significantly (businesses that use CleverCampaign's email software have higher open rates and higher client engagement than regular newsletters). Staying in touch is essential and CleverCampaign delivers on this; we keep communication lines fresh and constantly open to help clients build lasting win-win business-customer relationships.

Autoresponders Emails

Also known as "Autoresponders" or "Follow-up mails", Autoresponder fully automate your email marketing activites. Once set-up, they mails are sent based on a pre-defined sequence to your customers. Additionally, they also take care of customer follow-up.

  • Trigger based: this is activated by the website visitor. It is triggered when a prospective customer signs up or buys a product on the website. This type is used to attract new customers.

  • Lifecycle based: this type of autoresponder is used to retain existing and old customers and to keep line of communication active. It is activated by special events (e.g., anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) and used to reach out to customers with long inactivity.

Below you can see how typically a trigger based autoresponder looks like. autoresponder follow-up email Click here to get more information about autoresponders.

Contact Management

Keep your contacts in one place with CleverCampaign's seamless and efficient contact management tool.

contact management

We provide clients with a centralized address book to collect, compile, manage, import, maintain and update their contact lists in a simplified manner. Clients also get access to a comprehensive view of their notes, emails, messages, interactions, subscription/bounce status and much more. CleverCampaign's content management tool also helps to organize all relevant information on every customer and keeps the business owner updated in realtime.

The tag-based-system eliminates the hassles of keeping several email lists by putting all the information in one accessible location. This helps reduce list maintenance tasks to the barest minimum and drastically minimizes master data errors that come with managing several lists. It is every business owner's ultimate declutter and reorganization tool.

Track your Investments in Realtime

With our new email technology, you do not have to wonder anymore if you are getting value for your money – CleverCampaign helps you see and track results in realtime. It helps you know which customers are opening your emails and where best to target your email campaigns; this means better, targeted and more efficient spending, ability to track and evaluate customer behavior and extra market advantage thanks to more accurate market intelligence and information.

Unlimited Newsletter Template Options

Say goodbye to one-note, restrictive and limited newsletter templates with CleverCampaign's attractive and diverse range of templates. Our newsletter templates are designed for simplicity and variety for all types and sizes of businesses. They are made for the new-age business owner looking for a balanced blend of functionality, responsiveness and individuality.