Autoresponder Emails

Also known as "Autoresponders" or "Follow-up mails", Autoresponder emails simplify your email marketing processing by automating the traditionally manual aspects of email. They send mails automatically based on your pre-defined sequence and take care of customer follow-up. Once you take care of the setup, the email marketing tool handles the rest without losing the personal human touch required in your line of communication.

Why you should invest in an autoresponder?

Integration of autoresponders in your business helps you free up time for other important and critical aspects of your business. An autoresponder is an important tool for building trust relationships – especially those that are required to facilitate or finalize a sale and is an important communication resource for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

How it works

Below is a simple illustration of how CleverCampaign's autoresponder works. autoresponder example If a user (Carrie) signs up on your website (with her email address), an email is immediately sent to Carrie's email address (carrying additional information about your business, brand, product or service). These emails will be personalized to Carrie (if you have her information uploaded to CleverCampaign's platform) and by Day 2 and the days following up to the first email, Carrie will receive more information to help her get more information about your idea/product or service. At the end of the email marketing campaign, Carrie has enough information to make an informed buying decision. All aspects of the follow-up fully automated by CleverCampaign's powerful email marketing platform.

For Sellers and Product/Service Businesses

Integrating CleverCampaign autoresponders into your shop can help you track sales in realtime. You get instant notification (known as triggers) when a customer purchases a product on your store and the autoresponder gives you the option of sending product information about other products to the buyer.

CleverCampaign's technology helps you see who your customers are and what they are interested in. For example: a customer purchases tennis training shoes. CleverCampaign can add a number of tags, indicating the customer preference – sport shoes, tennis, sport, etc. The next email can include information about products covering the same tags. The chances for having this customer purchasing from you and value your newsletter is much bigger than when sending random newsletters with information irrelevant for the respective consumers.