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Boost your revenue! With CleverCampaign you reach more people at the right time!

Powerful Email Marketing and Newsletter Software

Is your email marketing giving you the RIGHT conversions? Investing in an email marketing solution should help you reach the right audience at the right time for optimal conversion which is what CleverCampaign offers. CleverCampaign's email strategy and technology helps you see who your customers are and what they are interested in, you can now find smart and profitable ways to leverage on this critical information to strike the right chords within your target markets.

At CleverCampaign, we have created a powerful email marketing solution to help you meet your email needs for life and business. Our email marketing software is unlike traditional methods; it was designed using the revolutionary tag-based-system email technology to deliver cutting edge solutions that can help you find your market and increase your profits.

Easy-to-Use Technology - Consistent Results

With CleverCampaign, life and email marketing just got easier, faster… and simpler! Our experts have designed a system that is easy to setup and easy to use. This means that you do not need technical expertise or high-level IT knowledge to operate our software…we have made it simple for anyone to use.

Our software experts have put in a lot of time, planning and experience into the design of a system that delivers extraordinary performance. We are not just about results – anyone can promise that. The CleverCampaign brand is built on consistency - we are invested in giving you big results every time – full guarantees and no stories!

Ready to get started?

We have made access to professional email marketing simpler than you can imagine. Take advantage of CleverCampaign and get ahead in 3 easy steps.

contact subscriber management

1. Import your contacts

Adding your contacts to CleverCampaign's highly automated platform is pretty easy and straightforward – You can either:

  • Upload your contacts directly to CleverCampaign from XLS, CSV and TXT or

  • Use one of CleverCampaign's smart and responsive interfaces to connect to 3rd party systems and transfer your contacts anytime you want.

newsletter follow-up autoresponder

2. Build professional newsletters

Looking for an effective way to start your journey to better customer engagement and interaction? Create powerful and impressive newsletter templates using CleverCampaign’s colorful and flexible newsletter templates. Our templates are flexible and easily to customizable to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. We have built diverse template designs for different uses to ensure that our clients are not restricted in their communication. Our highly responsive templates also let our clients interact with their customers in a personalized manner (Businesses can effectively direct and target their newsletters, relate with their clients on first name basis and build individual relationships – a marketing essential for the 21st century business owner).

sign-up pages

3. Build and customize your very own designer-quality signup pages with few clicks

The functionality and aesthetic quality of your signup pages can make or mar your business. Which is why we have developed an easy to use editor to help you create and set up your signup pages like a pro. With CleverCampaign editor, there is no need to pay a tech expert to get it up and running; no technical jargon or complex HTML skills required. All you need to do is:

  • Search our various template options

  • Find the perfect template for best fit

  • Make your final layout choice

  • Enter your description

  • Get it up and running